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When your machine breaks down you want it repaired straight away, At Dibbsys Technical Services we understand that time is money for you so we guarantee that we will attend your machine within 24 hours of receiving your call. As we carry many spare parts in our vehicles we are often able to replace the damaged or worn part while we are there so your machine is up and running again. When we do not have the necessary parts to the problem we have overnight repair facilities available so that your downtime is limited.

Why Your Machine Breaks Down


Although most vending machine owners except the machines breakdown many don’t realise that these breakdowns times can be minimised through regular scheduled maintenance.

We see the effects of machine neglect every day and in many instances owners can easily prevent or at least minimise the machine downtimes and the corresponding loss of income.

One of the little known side effects of a machine that breaks down, apart from the initial loss of revenue, is the long term loss of customers who find other places to purchase.

Regular breakdowns also result in a long term change in buyer behaviour that is harmful to the machine owner. With reliability of the machines comes a greater constancy of sales and profitability.

If the machine is always working then people will become more likely to purchase long term as they can rely on the machine to satisfy their wants regularly.



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