Specialised Vending Machine Repairs

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We provide same day service on most machines

Regular Vending Machine Maintenance

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Are You Looking For Expert Advice On Vending Machine Repair Or Maintenance In Melbourne Or The Mornington Peninsula?

If your onsite vending machines are not working call us today on 0418 272 712 and we will be there within 24 hours. We carry many common spare parts and refrigeration units and so often the machine can be repaired in just one visit, saving you money and restoring your income in the shortest time.

Regular Maintenance

Breakdowns of your onsite vending machines can be very costly especially if you are not aware that your machine has stopped working. If you want to extend the life of your machines and minimise your downtimes then call us today on 0418 272 712 and enjoy peace of mind and more profits.

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Dibbsy’s Technical Services is dedicated to working with our clients to minimise the non-operating time of your machines. We understand that you are not making money when your machines are not functioning. We treat your machines as though they were ours and strive to have your machines operational in the shortest possible time. Our long term clients are our greatest assets and they are our biggest fans.

Why Choose Us?

– A Dedicated Service Company

The main point of difference between other technical service companies and Dibbys’s Technical Services is that we do not sell equipment or ingredients. Our speciality is providing the knowledge and the expertise to keep your vending machines active and producing revenue for our clients in the Melbourne metropolitan network.

The main reason the that Dibbys’s Technical Services is determined to provide exception service is because we focus solely on you the operator and we have experienced what it is like to have machines sitting idle. As a result of experience and witnessing the frustration of seeing profits disappear and customers become frustrated when their drinks and snacks are not available Dibbys’s Technical Services guarantee to attend any machine that is out of action within 24 hours of receiving notification.

100% dedicated to technical service for vending machines.

  • Installation and commissioning of machines if required
  • Cleaning and sanitizing visits
  • Air filter exchange and updating
  • Refrigeration upgrades and replacements
  • Supply quality MEI note readers and coin mechanisms


Dibbys’s Technical Services specialise in all aspects of maintaining your vending machine equipment. We are a totally independent service organisation, and unlike our competitors we are dedicated to providing their clients with the highest level of customer care.

As a one-stop vending service and repair organisation Dibbys’s Technical Servicesnot only offers upgraded equipment, but parts and service as well. Starting with the parts, we carry a variety of replacement items such as the more refrigeration units, which helps eliminate wait time when your equipment is out of service. It also means that in many instances we can fix the problem there and then and so a return visit is unnecessary.

In terms of service, we have well-trained technicians available for quick, responsive repair. We understand just how crucial working equipment is to your success and that an out of service machine means you’re losing money. Thus, by having technicians readily available, we can many times get your equipment back up and running same day. If we do not have the spares parts on hand we are often able to get your parts repaired overnight and back into your machine the next day. We are also working to minimise your vending machines downtime.

Note Validator and coin machine upgrades and updates can be carried out on site with little or minimal downtime of the machine.

Need Your Vending Machines Repaired or Serviced CALL NOW